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A leader characterized by unwavering wisdom, integrity, service, and experience.Beverly S. Tatham, Esq. is the W.I.S.E. choice!

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Born in Brooklyn and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, Beverly S. Tatham, Esq. is a native resident of Brownsville where she lives and serves. As a child, she was unrelenting in her drive to understand and explain the “why” of things. This curiosity drives her to understand and adjudicate cases with a holistic lens lending to her wisdom, compassion, and empathy. Determined to pursue a career in law and public service, Beverly attended St. John’s University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies, with a minor in Business. Thereafter she attended Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center – Touro Law School in Huntington, NY where she received her Juris Doctorate degree.

Ms. Tatham is currently a senior trial attorney at a New York City firm. Her passion for law and advocacy is inherent as for nearly 20 years, Beverly has nurtured relationships with clients and has leveraged her experience in litigation, trial advocacy, mediation, arbitration, and pre-trial settlements to gain favorable outcomes for her clients.

Over the course of her career, her practice has taken her to both state and federal courts to champion the causes of the everyday citizen giving her the appropriate competence and temperance to run a courtroom. More importantly, as a Jamaican-American woman her lived experience will bring the necessary common-sense, compassion and insightfulness to be able to fashion equitable solutions for real world disputes.

Civil Court judges are expected to listen to cases and render the best decision based on the law and their understanding of the facts as presented by the parties. Not only does she have a comprehensive understanding of the court system and the required judicial temperance as an experienced trial attorney, she also is a certified court mediator making her exceedingly qualified to become a judge.

With steadfast faithfulness, Beverly’s love for her family and community fuels her unrelenting pursuit of justice with wisdom, integrity, service and experience. It would be her greatest honor to serve as the next Civil Court Judge representing Brooklyn’s 7th Municipal Court District

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